Does Food Taste Good in an Air Fryer?

does food taste good in an air fryer

does food taste good in an air fryer?

does food taste good in an air fryer

To answer this there is a degree of personal taste here. I’m all for air fryers

The idea of an air fryer is to easily cook food with no oil. They cook food evenly and are great for making your food crispy. Although they don’t change the flavour of your dish, they do change the texture. 

There are many gadgets that take the world by storm, however, none cause quite as much controversy as an air fryer!

Some (like myself) love their air fryer and the crispy food it can dish out, and use it daily. 

However, there are those that are less than impressed with the taste and think they’re a waste of space and money. 

For this article I will put my air frying love to the side and take an unbiased look at whether an air fryer actually makes your food taste any better. 

What do you think? Does food taste better in an air fryer? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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To make sure this is as unbiased as possible I polled over 500 people and the results are pretty clear! 

does food taste good in an air fryer

To try and prevent any unconscious bias sneaking in the people surveyed are from all walks of life and all different sectors for work and socialising. 

They were asked if they like the taste of food from an air fryer and the answer options were yes, no and never tried an air fryer. 



To know if food tastes good in an air fryer you need to know how air fryers work as the cooking technique they use will be a determining factor into whether they make food taste better. 

Air fryers push hot air over the food from above. The compact cooking area allows the food to cook quickly. While the wire basket that the food sits in allows the hot air to circulate all around the food and cook it evenly. 

The air fryers claim to fame is that it can make food taste taste deliciously crispy without needing using any oil. 

This means the food is healthier and less calories. 


Foods that are designed to be crispy taste best in an air fryer or food that you would normally use oil to cook. 



If there is a way to make vegetables taste better most people would jump at the chance, I know I would!

Although I wouldn’t use an Airfryer to cook vegetables like peas or corn, cooking veg that you would normally roast works really well. 

You can bread cauliflower and broccoli florets before popping them in the air fryer. Head on over to our Cauliflower and Broccoli Kebabs recipe for inspiration on how to use these.

Halve your Brussels sprouts before covering them in a maple syrup mixture for a delicious Maple Brussel Sprout side dish. 

Slice carrots, parsnips and zucchini into strips to make Vegetable Fries. 

Meat Replacements

sausages in an air fryer

As mock meat usually comes in bite-size pieces and are often breaded they are well suited to being cooked in air fryer. 

Tofu is another meat replacement option that tastes great when cooked in an air fryer. All you need to do is press it, cover in a sauce or marinade, and cook in the Airfryer for 15 minutes. 


potatoes in an air fryer

I know potatoes are vegetables but there are many ways to cook them in an air fryer I felt like they needed their own section!

Some of our favourite potatoes recipes that can be done in an air fryer or oven are our Garlic Butter Smashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato Wedges.

I’ll link to some air fryers I would recommend below so you can check them out for yourself. 

Unfortunately, the air fryer we use is no longer available for purchase (WeightWatchers) so I have done some research to find some great air fryer options to suit different budgets. 

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL: this air fryer is listed as Amazon's Choice. 

There are three things I like about this air fryer. The basket is dishwasher safe, and it comes with 100 air fryer recipes. If you’re an air fryer newbie it’s handy to have some recipe inspiration. 

Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer AF300UK: this air fryer was rated as the top of all of Which’s reviewed Airfryer. 

The best thing about this air fryer is that there are two compartments that can be independently controlled which is good if you’re cooking food that has different cooking times or temperatures. 

I’ve already stated that my opinion is that food does taste better in an air fryer. 

I love how crispy it makes the food while using no oil and being quick on time. 

The poll results show that the majority of people feel the same way! 

Don’t forget to let me know if you think food tastes better in an air fryer below. 

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does food taste good in an air fryer

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